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Credit & Commerce Group

[Пакистан] Towe & bathorbes

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We are an export oriented manufacturing & exporting company and we re in this business since 1974. We are exporting Terry towelling & Home Textile products all over the world,usa/canada and European markets. bed sheet set and knitted fitted sheets.

Please you may feel free to ask us for pricing,samples an other information required.
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Каталог: Текстиль, одежда и мода -> Текстильные изделия


Credit & Commerce Group

Улица:R-887 Block - 17, F.B.Aea
Почтовый индекс:75950
Телефон: +92 332 3680544
Факс: +92 21 36369464

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Имя и Фамилия: Xavier Mahmod
Телефон: +92 332 3680544
Сотовый: +92 332680544
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